Studies In Jazz

Scarecrow Press

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Early Twentieth Century Brass Idioms : Art, Jazz, And Other Popular Traditions / Ed. Howard Weiner.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 58)

Last Balladeer : The Johnny Hartman Story.
Akkerman, Gregg.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 68)

Ladies Who Sing With The Band.
Bennett, Betty.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 36)

Bassically Speaking : An Oral History Of George Duvivier.
Berger, Edward.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 17)

Benny Carter : A Life In American Music / 2nd Edition.
Berger, Morroe.
   Scarecrow Press   2 Volume Set
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 40)

Musical World Of J. J. Johnson.
Berrett, Joshua, & Louis G. Bourgois III.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 35)

Young Louis Armstrong On Records : A Critical Survey of The Early Recordings, 1923-1928.
Brooks, Edward.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 39)

Pepper Adams' Joy Road : An Annotated Discography.
Carner, Gary.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 69)

Unsung Cat : Life and Music of Warne Marsh.
Chamberlain, Safford.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 37)

In The Mainstream : 18 Portraits In Jazz.
Deffaa, Chip.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 11)

Florence Mills : Harlem Jazz Queen.
Egan, Bill.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 48)

This Horn For Hire : Pee Wee Erwin.
Erwin, Pee Wee; Vache, Warren W.
   Scarecrow Press
    (Studies In Jazz‚ No. 5)