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Composer of the Month January 2023: Luna Pearl Woolf

Luna Pearl WoolfCanadian-American composer Luna Pearl Woolf has long used her creative voice to advocate for social and political change. Her work has been praised as “brilliant, wrenching ... profoundly moving” (Opera Going Toronto) and for its “psychological nuances and emotional depth” (The New York Times). Woolf’s composer-portrait album, ‘Luna Pearl Woolf: Fire and Flood,’ was nominated for a 2021 GRAMMY Award. The album spans several decades of the composer’s work and grapples with such pressing issues as climate change, poverty, zealotry, racism, gender roles and plague. Her operas include ‘Better Gods,’ for the Washington National Opera, ‘The Pillar,’ an Opera America Discovery Grant winner, and more. Among other acclaimed works are ‘Angel Heart,’ narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons and author Cornelia Funke. Woolf is President and co-founder of the ground-breaking Oxingale Records, and founder of publisher Oxingale Music. An accomplished recording producer, she is credited on the PENTATONE, Analekta, Atma, and Leaf labels. As dramaturg and teacher, she delves into the intersection of music and text, working with the National Theater School of Canada, among others.

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Listen to 'One to One to One' for 3 Female Voices, 3 Cellos and 3 Basses (2016).

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