Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.


The New Bach Edition (NBA), now completed and available in 104 music volumes and 101 critical commentaries, is regarded as a work of musical scholarship of the first rank. The publication of this immense project stretched over 56 years. However, since the publication of some of the earlier volumes, new sources have been discovered and others newly evaluated, new knowledge has been acquired and further editorial experience amassed. In the interest of a continued practical and musicological usability of the historical scholarly-critical complete edition, it is essential to update selected volumes.

The Bach Archive Leipzig and Bärenreiter have therefore decided to publish approx. 15 volumes or works in revised editions. The New Bach Edition – Revised (NBArev) resembles the NBA in its outward appearance, but each volume now contains a more detailed foreword in German and English, discussing the genesis of the works and how the sources have come down to us as well as a concise critical report in German.

The Bach Archive Leipzig is the internationally recognised centre for Bach research. This guarantees that the New Bach Edition – Revised will be prepared by first-class editors. Volume by volume, editions of the highest standard will be created for the NBArev.

The Mass in B minor will be the first work to be published during the summer of 2010. This work was originally published in 1954 (edited by Friedrich Smend) as the second volume of the NBA. The revised edition, edited by Uwe Wolf (Bach Archive Leipzig), takes into consideration the results of the latest research and scientific examination methods (x-ray spectography) into Bach’s manuscript score.

Beginning with the Mass in B Minor, which will be published in 2010, approximately 1 to 2 volumes will appear per year.

Messe in h-Moll · Mass in B minor Ed. U. Wolf BA 5935
Weimarer Kantaten · Weimar Cantatas BWV 31, 132, 143, 161, 172 Ed. A. Glöckner BA 5936
Kammermusik mit Violine · Chamber Music with Violin Ed. P. Wollny BA 5937
»O Mensch bewein« (1725) Ed. Chr. Wolff BA 5938
Orgelchoräle I · Organ Chorales I Ed. Chr. Blanken BA 5939
Vor-Weimarer Kantaten · Pre Weimar Cantatas BWV 21, 106, 131, 150 Ed. P. Wollny BA 5940
-Passion · St. John Passion »Herr, unser Herrscher« (1749) Ed. Chr. Wolff BA 5941
Klavierübung I Ed. U. Wolf
Kammermusik mit Flöte · Chamber Music with Flute
Motetten · Motets
Orgelchoräle II · Organ Chorales II
Suiten für Violoncello solo · Six Suites for Violoncello Solo
Bilddokumente zum Leben J. S. Bachs Pictorial Documents of J. S. Bach‘s life Ed. Chr. Wolff
Die Texte der Vokalwerke · Texts to the Vocal Works 2 Bände · 2 Volumes

The volumes of the NBArev can be purchased individually or complete at specially reduced subscription prices. Each volume includes a preface (Ger and Eng) and a critical report (Ger). Format 25.5 x 32.5 cm, cloth-bound. Bärenreiter will be publishing performance material based on these editions.

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Kammermusik Mit Violine / edited by Peter Wollny.
Bach, Johann Sebastian,
   Baerenreiter   Score
    (Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.‚ Rev., Band 3)

Messe In H-Moll, BWV 232 / edited by Uwe Wolf.
Bach, Johann Sebastian,
   Baerenreiter   Full Score
    (Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.‚ Rev., Band 1)

Sechs Suiten, BWV 1007-1012 : Für Violoncello Solo / edited by Andrew Talle.
Bach, Johann Sebastian,
   Baerenreiter   Score & Facsimile
    (Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.‚ Rev., Band 4)

Weimarer Kantaten / edited by Andreas Glöckner.
Bach, Johann Sebastian,
   Baerenreiter   Full Score
    (Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.‚ Rev., Band 2)

Bach : Eine Lebensgeschichte In Bildern = A Life In Pictures.
Wolff, Christoph.
    (Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke - Rev.‚ Rev., Band 5)