Gesualdo, Carlo - The New Gesualdo Edition


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The new critical edition of the works of Carlo Gesualdo will appear in twelve clothbound volumes. Each volume in the series will include a preface and critical commentary in Italian and English, as well as facsimiles and a critical edition of the texts.

This edition starts with a review of all existing printed and manuscript sources, and proceeds to evaluate their degree of authoritativeness for the very first time. The very first editions are the preferred sources, since they were all issued under the direct supervision of Gesualdo.

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Madrigali A Cinque Voci. Libro Quinto (Gesualdo 1611) / edited by Maria Caraci Vela.
Gesualdo, Carlo,
   Baerenreiter   Full Score
    (Gesualdo, Carlo - The New Gesualdo Edition‚ Vol. V)

Responsoria et Alia Ad Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae Spectantia (1611) / Ed. Rodobaldo Tibaldi.
Gesualdo, Carlo,
   Baerenreiter   Full Score
    (Gesualdo, Carlo - The New Gesualdo Edition‚ Vol. IX)