Heyday of The Cornet.

This volume explores the history of the piston-valve B-flat cornet. It describes the beginnings and initial model standardization of cornets in Paris and London, and the arrival of European designs and makers in the United States. It traces the unique exuberance of cornet models by American manufacturers and their advertising practices. The social phenomenon of the cornet as an affordable, mass-produced commodity in the most remote places of the American heartland is investigated through cornets made by central European manufacturers, modeled after American designs, and sold through dealers. Related developments of the E-flat cornet, the pocket cornet, the echo cornet, and some cornet cousins in the alto, tenor, and bass ranges, such as the ballad horn and mellophone, are also considered. With more than 800 color illustrations. Included is an accompanying DVD of musical examples performed on instruments in the Utley Collection.

1 book (352 p.) + 1 videodisc; 29 cm.

Language: English
ISBN: 0984826971
ISBN13: 9780984826971

Heyday of The Cornet.

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