Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

Harris, Joshua,  (1977-)

(Akropolis Collection)

Akropolis Quintet  ©[2019]

Contents: I. Geryon -- II. Meanwhile He Came -- III. Geryon's Parents -- IV. Geryon's Death Begins -- V. Geryon's Reversible Destiny -- VI. Meanwhile in Heaven -- VII. Geryon's Weekend -- VIII. Geryon's Gather -- IX. Geryon's War Record -- X. Schooling -- XI. Right -- XII. Wings -- XIII. Herakles' Killing Club -- XIV. Herakles' Arrow -- XV. Total Things Known About Geryon -- XI. Geryon's End. Commissioned by Akropolis Reed Quintet and Sweet Briar College. Scored for oboe, clarinet, alto sax, bass clarinet and bassoon. Many of the movements are solos or duos.

1 set of 5 parts (4x7, 5 p.); 28 cm.

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Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

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