Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

Harris, Joshua,  (1977-)

(Akropolis Collection)

Akropolis Quintet  ©[2019]

Contents: I. Geryon -- II. Meanwhile He Came -- III. Geryon's Parents -- IV. Geryon's Death Begins -- V. Geryon's Reversible Destiny -- VI. Meanwhile in Heaven -- VII. Geryon's Weekend -- VIII. Geryon's Gather -- IX. Geryon's War Record -- X. Schooling -- XI. Right -- XII. Wings -- XIII. Herakles' Killing Club -- XIV. Herakles' Arrow -- XV. Total Things Known About Geryon -- XI. Geryon's End. With program notes. Two charts. Commissioned by Akropolis Reed Quintet and Sweet Briar College. Scored for oboe, clarinet, alto sax, bass clarinet and bassoon. Many of the movements are solos or duos.

1 score (27 p.); 28 cm.

Language: English
Edition Number: 1016
Distributor Number: 1016

Geryoneïs : For Reed Quintet.

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