Magnifique : Overture, P.H.275.

Magnifique : Overture, P.H.275.

Gretry, Andre Modeste,  (1741-1813.)

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Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich  ©2016

Gretry composed this little-known comic opera, Le Magnifique, in 1773, just before he started his position as Marie Antoinette's personal director of music in 1774. The work represents one of the first examples of programmatic music, where the orchestra depicts the silent action on stage. With preface in English and German by Beth Uhimchuk. Reprint from a copy in the Musikbibliothek der Muenchner Stadtbibliothek, Munich.

1 study score (35 p.); 29 cm.
Edition Number: 1849
Distributor Number: 1849

Magnifique : Overture, P.H.275.

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