Kurtag-Duo : For Two Guitars (2000).

Kurtag-Duo : For Two Guitars (2000).

Mahnkopf, Claus-Steffen,  (1962-)

(Exempla Nova‚ No. 450)

Sikorski  ©2009,[2011]

In one movement. With performance notes in German and English. Premiered by Elena Casoli and Jürgen Ruck in Darmstadt, July 2002. This edition contains what appears to be two versions of the music. The Guitar I parts are different in each version, although the Guitar II parts appear to be the same. The two guitars have different tunings, and never play at the same time. Duration ca. 12 minutes.

1 set of 2 scores (2x9 p.); 42x30 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: SIK 8650
ISBN13: 9790003037516
ISMN: M003037516
Distributor Number: HL50490529

Kurtag-Duo : For Two Guitars (2000).

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