Selva De Varii Passaggi (Milano, 1620).

Selva De Varii Passaggi (Milano, 1620).

Rognoni Taeggio, Francesco,  (d.c.1625.)

(Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis‚ Ser. II, 153)

Forni Editore  ©2001

The treatise Selva de varii passaggi (1620) documents the passage from the practice of improvised divisions to the modern style of ornamentation based on the 'affects', as so well expressed by the new style of singing then in vogue (which Francesco Rognoni calls the polished manner of singing). The Selva is very closely connected with another book, the Passaggi per potersi essercitare (1592) by Riccardo Rognoni, Francesco's father, a work that has recently been added to the Forni catalogue in an edition supplied with an extensive introduction illustrating and commenting on both treatises.

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Selva De Varii Passaggi (Milano, 1620).

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