WorldCat Cataloging Partners is a new, enhanced service that merges the existing OCLC® Cataloging Partners program with the PromptCat service. With this service, Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. and OCLC collaborate to reduce the cost of cataloging for libraries. With WorldCat® Cataloging Partners, corresponding OCLC MARC records will be delivered with the materials you order through Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. Additionally, your library’s holdings will be set automatically in WorldCat.

New materials circulate

Libraries use WorldCat Cataloging Partners to automate the cataloging performed on new materials. OCLC MARC records for new items ordered through Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. are delivered before the items arrive in your library, with your library’s holding symbol automatically set in WorldCat. WorldCat Cataloging Partners is a unique timesaver that helps shift your focus from routine copy cataloging to more challenging tasks. You save time and money, and put materials into circulation sooner.

Your collection is visible on the Web:

Your library’s symbol is added to the matching record in the WorldCat database for every MARC record you obtain through this service. This makes resources in your collection visible on the open Web through familiar search engines and other Web sites through OCLC’s program.

Cataloging partnership helps your library:

Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. sends OCLC electronic lists that identify the materials your library has ordered. WorldCat Cataloging Partners then matches the items to bibliographic records in WorldCat, adds localdata
to records, sets holdings in WorldCat and provides you with full OCLC-MARC records. Customized spine and pocket labels are available upon request.

Experience workflow efficiencies

WorldCat Cataloging Partners is a fully automated service. You determine the features and options best-suited to your library, and maintain the same control over the timing, quantities, payment and other aspects of the purchase process. You can experience significant workflow efficiencies.

Basic service at no additional charge

The basic level of service includes any automated functionality that was previously available through PromptCat, such as delivering records that already exist in WorldCat, and adding bar codes and acquisitions data to records. Customized spine and pocket labels are available upon request for shelf-ready materials.

Best of all, the basic service is included in your library’s OCLC cataloging subscription at no additional charge.

Our guarantee:

Every partner’s entire active title list is already cataloged and ready for custom editing.

How it works
Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. sends OCLC an electronic list of the materials you have ordered. You receive
OCLC-MARC records compatible with what you would have created in-house.
Basic Service
1. Your library orders materials from or sets up an approval account with Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.
2. Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. transmits the list of titles ordered to OCLC.
3. OCLC finds the matching record and places your library holding symbol on the WorldCat record for the title ordered.
4. OCLC delivers the records and reports and Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. delivers the materials to your library.
5. If your library profile indicates label delivery, labels will be delivered to your library.

Get materials to users faster thanks to delivery of OCLC MARC records

Improve cataloging efficiency by reducing the time your staff spends editing records, handling titles and searching for records on multiple systems

Save staff time and contribute to WorldCat by having your library’s holdings information set automatically

No need to train additional staff on non-book formats to keep up with AV and eBook cataloging


OCLC MARC records for materials ordered from Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc., delivered automatically

Automated functionality that provides barcodes, item-level and acquisitions data

Electronic spine and pocket label files that you may print and use

Web-based reports that track titles delivered and provide useful statistics from the past year

Automatic cuttering for Dewey® call numbers

Specialty vendors that provide non-English books, videos and DVDs, as well as English-language materials

How it works

First, your library orders materials from Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.

Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. then transmit the lists of titles ordered to OCLC

OCLC sets your library holdings in WorldCat

Lastly, OCLC delivers your records and reports and the vendor delivers your new materials all at the same time

OCLC and Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. working together for libraries

Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. was founded in 1961, with the goal of providing information and materials to facilitate building institutional and private music collections. University, college, conservatory and public libraries worldwide are using Theodore Front’s collection development tools which are continuously refined to suit
the most exacting and current requirements of music libraries.

Approval plans and firm orders for music scores, books and audio-visual materials, standing orders, subscriptions, and out-of-print services, are offered with professional expertise. Newly released materials from the United States, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim are reviewed and updated daily. A variety of electronic and on-line services,
management reports and other facilitators are available on demand. Please see for more information.

To learn more about WorldCat Cataloging Partners and see a list of partners, visit the OCLC Web site at

To get started with WorldCat Cataloging Partners, call OCLC at
1-800-848-5878 or contact your regional service provider. Find yours at

OCLC helps libraries in more than 100 countries provide users with bibliographic, abstract and full-text information when and where they need it. OCLC and its member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the world’s most comprehensive bibliographic database. Please contact us to learn more about OCLC in your part of the world.


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