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Roots of Rock Drumming : Interviews With The Drummers Who Shaped Rock 'N' Roll Music.
   Hudson Music   Book & DVD

Breakbeat Bible.
Adamo, Mike.
   Hudson Music   Book & CD

Realistic Drum Fills : Replacements.
Appice, Carmen.
   Hudson Music   Book & CD

Stewart Copeland : Drumming In The Police and Beyond.
Bergamini, Joe.
   Hudson Music   Score

Working Drummer's Chart Book.
Bergamini, Joe.
   Hudson Music   Score

Buddy Rich - One of A Kind : The Making of The World's Greatest Drummer.
Berglund, Pelle.
   Hudson Music

New Method For Afro-Cuban Drumming.
Branly, Jimmy.
   Hudson Music   Score & CD

Carman, Tim.
   Hudson Music   Score & Audio

Ultimate Progressive Drumming.
Cohen, Alex.
   Hudson Music   Score & Video

Delong Way To Polyrhythmic Creativity On The Drumset.
Delong, Paul.
   Hudson Music   Book & CD

Vera Cruz Island : Brazilian Rhythms For Drumset.
Figueiredo, Vera & Oliveira, Daniel.
   Hudson Music   Book & 2 CDs

Brazilian Groove Book : Samba & Bossa Nova.
Freitas, Kiko.
   Hudson Music   Score & Media