String Quartet No. 1.

Mason, Todd,  (21st Century)

Todd Mason  ©2020

My String Quartet No. 1, which mixes both tonal and dissonant music, may also be experienced as a coming-of-age story arc. After the calm first movement’s confident simplicity of youth, the second movement reflects the increasing complications and conflicts of young adulthood, with fraught exploration, the discovery of romance, and tensions now replacing that youthful calm. The third movement in turn reflects on maturity and the experiences of love and loss, before the finale—mainly a set of complex chromatic fugues—evokes the fight against fate and time to achieve one’s goals in life. The movement’s end, however, briefly recapitulates the first movement, suggesting that ultimately life comes full circle as we see the totality of our experience, once again in the calm of youth - T. Mason.

1 score (37 p.) + 4 parts (2x13, 2x12 p.); 31 cm.

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String Quartet No. 1.

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