Gideon. [CD]

Dub Dynasty.

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Contents: Black Woman Civilisation (feat. Wellette Seyon) -- Jah Fingers (feat. Joseph Lalibela) -- Zion Surround (feat. Fikir Amlak) -- Gideon (feat. Echo Ranks) -- Care For The People (feat. Cologne) -- Likkle Zion (feat. Yehoud-I) -- Arise (feat. Nish Wadada) -- Yeh Beb (feat. Ras Hassen Ti) -- Hosanna (feat. Cian Finn & Ras Tinny) -- All the While (feat. Earlyman) -- False Profit (feat. Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim & Setondji) -- Black Woman Dub (feat. Wellette Seyon) -- Dub Fingers (feat. Joseph Lalibela) -- Gideon Dub (feat. Echo Ranks) -- Dub For The People (feat. Cologne) -- Likkle Dub (feat. Yehoud-I) -- Arise Dub (feat. Nish Wadada) -- Yeh Dub (feat. Ras Hassen Ti) -- Hosanna Dub (feat. Cian Finn & Ras Tinny) -- All The Dub (feat. Earlyman).

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Publisher Number: 011/12
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