Esprits Écoutent = The Spirits Are Listening.

Esprits Écoutent = The Spirits Are Listening. [CD]

Buda Records  ©2014

Music from Siberia. Disc One: Sapsi’s bear -- The starry fawn -- Three great faces -- A rite to keep the youth away from suicide -- A song learnt in his childhood -- A cappella lullaby -- Song taken from a tale -- All of us are attracted by the sun -- The Tundra wakes up in spring -- In the spring, geese come from far away -- Dance of the kambala fish -- My native sea -- Shamanic song with Ungtu drum -- A song for picking berries -- A welcome song -- Disc Two: Shamanic song with drum -- The trunk of a powerfull tree -- The small white flowers on the white grass -- The sound of my country -- Osuokhaï round dance -- The song of the young maid about to be married -- Exceprt from a Tantric Buddhist ritual -- The horse dappled like the snow leopard.

2 sound discs
Edition Number: BUD 3773176-2
Distributor Number: BUD3773176
UPC: 602537731763

Esprits Écoutent = The Spirits Are Listening.

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