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Ignace Pleyel : A Thematic Catalogue Of His Compositions.
Benton, Rita. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Thematic Catalogue Series‚ No. 2)

Melodic Index To Haydn's Instrumental Music.
Bryant, Stephen C. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Thematic Catalogue Series‚ No. 8)

Charles Ives Omnibus / Ed. by Michael J. Budds.
Burk, James Mack. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Cms Monographs & Bibliographies In American Music‚ No. 18)

Alfonso Ferrabosco The Elder (1543-1588): A Thematic Catalogue of His Music.
Charteris, Richard. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Thematic Catalogue Series‚ No. 11)

Dance and Instrumental Diferencias In Spain During The 17th & Early 18th Centuries, Vol. 3.
Esses, Maurice. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Dance & Music Series‚ No. 2/3)

Music In America 1860-1918 : Essays, Reviews, and Remarks On Critical Issues.
Faucett, Bill F. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Monographs And Bibliographies In American Music‚ No. 19)

Music Philology : An Introduction To Musical Textual Criticism, Hermeneutics, & Editorial Technique.
Feder, Georg. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Monographs In Musicology‚ No. 14)

Franz Schneider (1737-1812) : A Thematic Cataloque of His Works.
Freeman, Robert N. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Thematic Catalogue Series‚ No. 5)

Alessandro Stradella (1639-1682) : A Thematic Catalogue of His Compositions.
Gianturco, Carolyn; Mccrickard, Eleanor. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Thematic Catalogue Series‚ No. 16)

Prophetic Trumpets : Wind and Wind-Chorus Music by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.
Kinder, Keith. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Franz Liszt Studies Series‚ Vol. 11)

Musical Aesthetics : A Historical Reader - Vol. 3.
Lippman, Edward A. N/A
   Pendragon Press
    (Aesthetics In Music‚ No. 4/3)

Exploring Musical Narratology : The Romeo and Juliet Myth In Music / translated by Marta Robson.
Pawlowska, Malgorzata.
   Pendragon Press
    (Interplay‚ No. 12)