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Airs and Dances For Two Bass Viols / edited by Stephen Morris.
Young, William,
   Prb Productions   2 Scores
    (Viol Consort Series‚ No. 38)

Divisions In G, Sopra la Monica : Für Viola Da Gamba und Basso Continuo / Ed. Simone Eckert.
Young, William,
   Edition Walhall   2 Scores & Part
    (Hamburger Ratsmusik‚ Band V)

Englishman Abroad : Works For Viola Da Gamba. [CD]
Young, William,
   Cpo Records

Sonata 29 A 2, Durham MS.D.2 : Für Violine, Viola (Da Gamba) & Basso Continuo.
Young, William,
   Edition Walhall   Score & 3 Parts
    (Hamburger Ratsmusik)

Sonate A 3. 4. E 5. (1653).
Young, William,
   Akademische Druck   Score
    (Denkmaeler Der Tonkunst In Oesterreich‚ Band 135)

Twenty-Nine Pieces : For Bass Viol.
Young, William,
   Dove House Editions   Score
    (Viola da Gamba Series‚ No. 46)

Two Sonatas : For Violin, Viola Da Gamba and Keyboard.
Young, William,
   Dove House Editions   Score & Parts
    (Baroque Chamber Music Series‚ No. 10)