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Saint-Saens, C. - Oeuvres Instrumentales Complètes


Publication Schedule I. OEuvres symphoniques I.1 Symphonies (1) I.2 Symphonies (2) I.3 Symphonies (3) Symphonie n°3 (Ed. Michael Stegemann) 2016 BA 10303 Retail Price: € 365.00 Partial Subscription Price: € 310.00 Full Subscription Price: € 292.00 I.4 Poèmes symphoniques (Ed. Hugh Macdonald) BA 10307* I.5 Suites d’orchestre I.6 Ouvertures I.7 Musiques de ballet et de film The compositional œuvre created by Saint-Saëns during his long life (1835-1921) encompasses not only operas and incidental music, oratorios and smaller sacred works, cantatas, secular choral works and songs, but also approx mately 325 instrumental works. Most of these works have not been newly edited since their first publications (which were often full of errors) and several dozen compositions have remained only in manuscript form. This corpus will be made available for the first time in the Complete Edition of the Instrumental Works of Camille Saint-Saëns and will be published in four series with a total of 36 volumes.
Title Composer/Author Price
3e Symphonie En Ut Mineur, Op. 78 / edited by Michael Stegemann.
Saint-Saens, Camille,
    (Saint-Saens, C. - Oeuvres Instrumentales Complètes‚ Ser. I, Vol. 3)