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Violoncelle : Methodes Et Traites - Dictionnaires - Prefaces Des Oeuvres, France 1600-1800.

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Realisee par Philippe Lescat et Jean Saint-Arroman. Reprints of the original editions of methods by Azais, Corrette, Cupis, Raoul, Tilliere; Dictionnaries by Brossard & Framery; General works by Ancelet & Laborde.

1 facsimile (260 p.); 33 cm
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Alto : Par-Dessus De Viole - Methodes Et Traites - Dictionnaires.

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Contains methods, treatises, essays by alto and par-dessus de viole masters from the 17th and 18th centuries, including: Mersenne, Jean-Laurent Bethisy, Jean-Benjamin de Laborde, Michel Woldemar, Marin Mersenne, Ancelet and others. Alphabetical index, and by type of work.

1 score (135 p.); 33 cm.
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Basse Continue, Vol. 1.

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The first of six volumes devoted to reprints of writings on the basso continuo from the French Baroque. This volume contains eighteen writings dating from 1660 to 1707, by authors such as Fleury, Nivers, Marais, Marc-Antoine Charpentier and others.

1 facsimile (301 p.); 33 cm.
Edition Number: 5994
ISBN13: 9790230659949
ISMN: M230659949
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Basse Continue, Vol. 2.

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The second of six volumes. Contains twelve publications dating from 1716 to 1730. Includes writings by Francois Couperin, Campion, Clerambault, Dandrieu, Rameau, Delair, Leclair and Cheron.

1 facsimile (280 p.); 33 cm.
Edition Number: 5995
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ISMN: M230659956
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Basse Continue, Vol. 3.

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The third volume in this set contains nineteen publications dating from 1730 to 1747. Includes writings by Rameau, Monteclair, Gervais, Campion, Telemann, Forqueray and others.

1 facsimile (280 p.); 33 cm.
Edition Number: 5996
ISBN13: 9790230659963
ISMN: M230659963
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