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Due Foscari : Tragedia Lirica (In Tre Atti) / edited by Andreas Giger.

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Verdi composed this opera in 1844, on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. The story of Doge Francesco Foscari was popular around this time, and Piave's libretto is based on a telling by Lord Byron. This edition is based on Verdi's autograph score, and includes a separate volume of critical commentary in English. The score includes an introduction in English and Italian, as well as facsimile plates, instrumentation, cast of characters, and index of numbers.

1 score (xlvi, 486 p.) + commentary (viii, 169 p.); 38 cm.
Language: Italian
ISBN: 022607451X
ISBN13: 9780226074511
UPC: 9780226074511

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Alzira : Tragedia Lirica In Three Acts by Salvadore Cammarano.

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Edited by Stefano Castelvecchi and Jonathan Cheskin. No score was previously published. The critical edition, based on Verdi's autograph score & important secondary sources thus offers the first opportunity for a thorough study of this neglected work.

1 score (550 p.) + commentary; 36 cm.
Edition Number: NR 136941
ISBN: 0226853144
ISBN13: 9780226853147
Distributor Number: NR136941
UPC: 9780226853147

Attila : Dramma Lirico In Un Prologo E Tre Atti / edited by Helen Greenwald.

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Verdi composed his ninth opera on a libretto by Temistocle Solera and Francesco Maria Piave. It was premiered in Venice, March 1846. The principal source for this edition is Verdi's autograph of the full score. With a preface and introduction in English and Italian. Facsimile plates. The separate critical report volume is in English.

1 score (lxi, 405 p.) + critical report (viii, 137 p.); 37 cm.
Language: Italian
Edition Number: NR 140092
ISBN: 0226853322
ISBN13: 9780226853321
UPC: 9780226853321

Chamber Music / edited by Gundula Kreuzer.

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Contents: Romance sans Paroles (1844), for piano -- [A Florimo] (1858), for piano -- Valzer (1859?) : for piano -- Quartetto (1873). With a preface, introduction and critical notes in English and Italian. Facsimile plates. An appendix includes a discarded introduction to the fourth movement of the quartet. This edition includes parts for the string quartet. This edition is based on autograph scores, as well as other sources where available.

1 score (xxxviii, 120 p.); 38 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: NR 140331
ISBN: 0226853012
ISBN13: 9780226853017
Distributor Number: NR140331
UPC: 9780226853017

Corsaro : Melodramma Tragico In Three Acts / Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave.

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Edited by Elizabeth Hudson. Five facsimile pages from the autograph in the Archivio di Casa Ricordi. With preface, story, sources, list of characters. Separate critical commentary volume.

1 score (liv, 377; 114 p.) + commentary; 43, 25 cm.
Edition Number: NR 136994
ISBN: 0226853179
ISBN13: 9780226853178
Distributor Number: NR136994
UPC: 9780226853178