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Daphnis Et Églé : Pastorale Héroïque En Un Acte / edited by Érik Kocevar.

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With an introduction in French and English. Three appendices. Critical notes. Facsimile plates. Rameau composed this work in 1753, on a libretto by Charles Collé. It was written for the King's visit to Fontainebleau that October. This edition is based on the autograph full score (incomplete) and a manuscript copy.

1 score (lxxi, 110 p.); 34 cm.
Language: French
Edition Number: BA 8862
ISBN13: 9790006558216
ISMN: M006558216
Distributor Number: BA8862
UPC: 9790006558216

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Acante Et Céphise : Symphonies / edited by Nathalie Berton-Blivet.

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This volume contains instrumental numbers from the Pastorale Héroique which Rameau composed on a libretto by Jean-Francois Marmontel. With a preface in French and English.

1 score (v, 53 p.); 33 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: BA 8897
ISBN13: 9790006561445
ISMN: M006561445
Distributor Number: BA8897
UPC: 9790006561445

Achante Et Céphise Ou la Sympathie : Pastorale Heroique En Trois Actes (1751).

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Preface in French and English. Critical report. 8 plates

1 score (lxxii,351 p.); 33 cm
Edition Number: GB 5825
Distributor Number: GB5825

Achante Et Céphise Ou la Sympathie : Pastorale Heroique En Trois Actes (1751).

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French libretto by Jean-Francois Marmontel. Piano reduction by Francois Saint-Yves. List of characters, instrumentation.

1 vocal score (viii, 254 p.); 31 cm.
Edition Number: GB 5827
Distributor Number: GB5827

Anacreon : Ballet Heroique En Un Acte / edited by Jonathan Huw Williams.

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Vocal score for the ballet music by Rameau, prepared by Francois Saint-Yves. With French text by Louis de Cahusac. Brief introduction, list of characters. Duration: ca. 45 minutes.

1 vocal score (vii, 107 p.); 27 cm.
Edition Number: BA 8851A
ISBN13: 9790006525911
ISMN: M006525911
Distributor Number: BA8851A