Theodore Front Musical Literature

Ostercantate : Des Lebens Fürsten Haben Sie Getötet / edited by David Blum and Nola Reed Knouse.

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With a preface, bibliography, libretto, plates, and critical report. This cantata for Easter was composed in Weimar during the early 1780s. The music was composed to a libretto by Johann Gottfried Herder. The music proved popular in Moravian settlements in both Europe and North America. This edition is based on print and manuscript sources found in the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

1 score (xxvii, 201 p.); 30 cm.
Language: German
ISBN: 0998221309
ISBN13: 9780998221304
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Hymns To Be Sung At The Pianoforte / edited by Tim Sharp.

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This is the first volume in a series devoted to music found in archives at the various centers of Moravian culture. With a preface, appendix, critical report, and indices. Herbst was born in Kempten, Swabia, and lived much of his life in America. This is a collection of 172 songs, most of which were composed by Herbst. The songs were primarily meant to be performed as piano solos, and the Moravian hymn texts provided for the songs often do not match well with the music. Subscriptions invited.

1 score (xix, 204 p.); 30 cm.
Language: English
ISBN: 0981985033
ISBN13: 9780981985039
UPC: 9780981985039