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Sturm : Eine Zauber-Lustspiel von William Shakespeare.

Price: $144.00

An opera in three acts, based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, with a German libretto by A. W. von Schlegel. With a preface in English and German. Martin wrote this work in the early 1950s, and it was premiered in 1956. Reprinted from the original full score published by Universal Edition.

3 volumes (941 p.); 30 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: 2058
Distributor Number: 2058

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Abreise : Musikalische Lustspiel In Einem Aufzuge.

Price: $24.00

This comic opera was composed on a libretto by Ferdinand Sporck. The music calls for three characters. Reprinted from an early edition of the vocal score.

1 vocal score (91 p.); 30 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: 5B
Distributor Number: 5B

Abreise : Musikalisches Lustspiel In Einem Aufzuge (1897).

Price: $39.60

D'Albert composed this opera to a libretto by Ferdinand Count von Sporck, who based his work on a comedy by August Baron von Steigentesch. This edition reprints a publication by the composer himself. With a new preface in German and English.

1 study score (150 p.); 23 cm.
Edition Number: 5
Distributor Number: 5

Abu Hassan : Komische Oper In Einem Akt (1810-11).

Price: $37.20

This early opera by Weber was the first sign of the greatness which would eventually lead to Die Freischütz. This is a reprint of an edition by Verlag Der Seiboldschen Buchdruckerei. With a new introduction.

1 miniature score (121 p.); 23 cm.
Edition Number: 10
Distributor Number: 10

Africaine : Opéra En Cinq Actes.

Price: $144.00

Meyerbeer composed this opera on a libretto by Eugene Scribe. This score is reprinted from an early edition published by Benoit Ainé, Paris. It includes a 72-page supplement of alternative music. With a preface in German and English.

1 study score (4 volumes) (862, 72 p.); 30 cm.
Language: French
Edition Number: 2059
Distributor Number: 2059