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Händels Israel In Egypt : Rezeptionsgeschichte von 1739 Bis Zur Mitte Des 20. Jahrhunderts.

Price: $85.00

A history of performances and criticism of Handel's great oratorio, from the time of its premiere into the 20th century. With a foreword, introduction, bibliography, and index. Music examples.

405 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: OMM 224
ISBN: 3937788514
ISBN13: 9783937788517
Distributor Number: OMM224
UPC: 9783937788517

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Händel Vor Dem Fernrohr : Die Italienreise.

Price: $96.50

Handel spent much of the first decade of the 18th century in Italy. This youthful journey resulted in the creation of much music, and had a great deal of influence on his mature years as well. This book is a detailed history and analysis of this period. With an introduction, chronology, notes, bibliography and index. Appendices. Color and black & white plates.

viii, 513 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: OM 146
ISBN: 3937788263
ISBN13: 9783937788265
Distributor Number: OM146
UPC: 9783937788265

Händels Klaviermusik : Kontexte, Strukturen, Didakitik.

Price: $99.40

An in-depth analysis of the keyboard music of Handel, from the large suites to smaller works. The author looks at the forms and performance issues of the works. With an introduction, bibliography, tables, and index. Music examples.

vi, 543 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: OM 192
ISBN: 3937788387
ISBN13: 9783937788388
Distributor Number: OM192
UPC: 9783937788388

Zur Rezeption Georg Friedrich Händels In Den Deutschen Diktaturen : Quellen Im Kontext.

Price: $214.60

This two-volume book examines a multitude of sources which shed light on the attitudes towards Handel and his music in Germany during the time of Nazism and communism. A large number of different documents are presented with commentary. With a foreword, introduction, notes, bibliographies, and indices. Color and black & white plates.

2 volume set 501, 817 p.; 25 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: OM 172
ISBN: 3937788336
ISBN13: 9783937788333
Distributor Number: OM172
UPC: 9783937788333