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Georg Philipp Telemann und Seine Zeit.

Price: $59.10

A biography of the great baroque composer Telemann, his music, and his times. With a foreword, chronology, works list, bibliography, and indices. 31 plates.

569 p.; 23 cm.
Language: German
ISBN: 3890078397
ISBN13: 9783890078397
UPC: 9783890078397

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Claudio Monteverdi : 2nd Revised Edition.

Price: $47.50

In German. With 30 illustrations

ISBN: 3921518725
ISBN13: 9783921518724

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy und Seine Zeit - 3rd Edition.

Price: $45.90

32 plates. The series has now reached its half-way point. Its special aim is t present composers within the musical, cultural and historical context of their times. Now available: Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms, Debussy, Liszt, Monteverdi, Palestrina. Reger, Schubert, Schumann, Stravinsky. Details on request.

376 p.
Edition Number: LV 2657
ISBN: 3921518822
ISBN13: 9783921518823
Distributor Number: LV2657

Franz Schubert und Seine Zeit - 4th Edition.

Price: $49.90

With 33 illustrations. The first edition enjoyed broad approval: "definitve" - "one of the most important contributions to Schubert research in recent de- cades".

399 p.; 24 cm.
Edition Number: LV 2670
ISBN: 3890072666
ISBN13: 9783890072661
Distributor Number: LV2670
UPC: 9783890072661

Georg Friedrich Händel Und Seine Zeit / Edited By Siegbert Rampe.

Price: $49.90

A collection of twelve essays on Handel, primarily concerned with his relationship with other composers. With a foreword, notes, works list, bibliography, index, and plates.

387 p.; 22 cm.
Language: German
ISBN: 3921518938
ISBN13: 9783921518939
UPC: 9783921518939