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Berlioz Et la Scène : Penser le Fait Théâtral.

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This book examines the theatrical works of Berlioz, including Lélio, Benvenuto Cellini, La Damnation de Faust, Roméo et Juliette, and more. With an introduction, bibliography, and indices.

290 p.; 24 cm.
Language: French
ISBN: 271162708X
ISBN13: 9782711627080
UPC: 9782711627080

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Bruxelles, Convergence Des Arts (1880-1914) / Ed. Malou Haine and Denis Laoureux.

Price: $57.00

20 articles examine the relationship between music and art in turn-of-the-century Belgium. With a foreword by Philippe Mettens, preface by Robert Wangermée, introduction, and indices. Color and black & white plates.

403 p.; 24 cm.
Language: French
ISBN: 2711624900
ISBN13: 9782711624904
UPC: 9782711624904

Camille Saint-Saëns Et le Politique De 1870 à 1921 : le Drapeau Et la Lyre.

Price: $42.00

This book explores the political work of the French composer Saint-Saens, including politically-themed music. With a preface by Joel-Marie Fauquet, introduction, bibliography, and indices. Plates.

224 p.; 24 cm.
Language: French
ISBN: 2711625710
ISBN13: 9782711625710
UPC: 9782711625710

Darius Milhaud : Compositeur Et Expérimentateur / Ed. Jacinthe Harbec and Marie-Noelle Lavoie.

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The articles in this book study the experimental aspects of the work of Milhaud. The essays are in three sections: La Figure de L'Expérimentateur -- Le Compositeur et Ses Contemporains -- Le Contexte des Années Trente: Nouveaux Enjeux Politiques et Esthétiques. With an introduction and index. Music examples. Plates.

286 p.; 24 cm.
Language: French
ISBN: 2711625273
ISBN13: 9782711625277
UPC: 9782711625277