Theodore Front Musical Literature

Sotto Voce : Für Viola, Kontrabass und Zwei Gitarren (2010/2013).

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In one movement. With performance notes in German and English. Commissioned by the Festspiele Europaische Wochen Passau. Dedicated to Alexander Suslin. The two guitars perform several special effects, as well as improvisations. Duration ca. 20 minutes.

1 miniature score (58 p.); 30 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: SIK 8782
ISBN13: 9790003040462
ISMN: M003040462
Distributor Number: HL50600219
UPC: 888680071134

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10 Preludes For Violoncello Solo; Chanson Contre Raison : Sonata For Violoncello Solo.

Price: $31.00

The ten preludes, composed in 1974 and revised in 1999 (present version) are dedicated to Vladimir Tonkha. The Chanson contre raison by Suslin (1942-), was composed in 1984 and is dedicated to Gunter Ribke.

1 score (27 p.); 31 cm.
Edition Number: SIK 1839
ISBN13: 9790003030807
ISMN: M003030807
Distributor Number: HL50482154

1756 : Für Violine Solo (2005).

Price: $18.95

Commissioned by the 6th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart, held in May 2006. This very challenging movement begins and ends in free fashion, while the middle is comprised of a series of rapid arpeggios. Special import - allow 4-5 months. Additional charges for 3-4 week delivery.

1 score (9 p.); 30 cm.
Edition Number: SIK 8535
ISBN13: 9790003034737
ISMN: M003034737
Distributor Number: HL50486438

24 Präludien : Für Violine und Klavier (1999/2003).

Price: $70.00

Dedicated to Vadim Gluzman and Angela Yoffe. Commissioned by Herbert and Beverly Gelfand. A weighty collection of preludes of advanced difficulty. The music is fairly traditional in its use of rhythm. Special import - allow 4-5 months. Additional charges for 3-4 week delivery.

1 score (74 p.) + 1 part (29 p.); 30 cm.
Edition Number: SIK 8507
ISBN: 0634085158
ISBN13: 9780634085154
ISMN: M003032726
Distributor Number: HL50485671
UPC: 073999290950

Abii Ne Viderem : For String Orchestra, Piano, Bass Guitar and Solo Viola (1994).

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Instrumentation; notes to the conductor. Duration: ca. 26 minutes. Also available in a version for string orchestra, alto flute and bass guitar.

1 miniature score (31 p.); 19 cm.
Edition Number: SIK 1929
ISBN13: 9790003027883
ISMN: M003027883
Distributor Number: HL50482725
UPC: 073999827255