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Oeuvres Pour Piano A Quatre Mains Et Pour Deux Pianos / Ed. Noel Lee and Edmond Lemaitre.

Price: $184.00

Contents: Premiere Suite d'orchestre -- Petite Suite -- Marche ecossaise -- La Mer -- Six Epigraphes antiques -- Deux Danses. With a foreword and critical notes in French and English. Facsimile plates. Deux Dances is for two pianos, while the remaining works are for piano duet. All works and transcriptions in this volume are edited from Debussy's manuscripts. Price for subscribers to the Debussy Oeuvres Completes series is $191.00.

1 score (xxix, 352 p.); 32 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: DB 15723
ISBN13: 9790044082469
ISMN: M044082469
Distributor Number: HL50499522
UPC: 884088985042

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Danse Bohemienne; Danse (Tarentelle Styrienne); Ballade (Ballade Slave); Valse Romantique.

Price: $96.00

Edited by Roy Howat. Also contains: Suite bergamasque, Reverie, Mazurka, Deux Arabesques, Nocturne. With preface, critical commentary, facsimile plates.

1 score (xxvii, 153 p.); 31 cm.
Edition Number: DB 15319
ISBN13: 9790044000203
ISMN: M044000203
Distributor Number: HL50564486
UPC: 073999644869

Estampes / D'Un Cahier D'Esquisses / Masques / L'Isle Joyeuse / Images 1ere & 2eme Series.

Price: $116.00

Edited by Roy Howat. With a preface, foreword, references, selected bibliography, critical notes, appendix of sketches, and facsimile plates.

1 score (xiii, 181 p.); 31 cm.
Edition Number: DF 15294
ISBN: 0634082043
ISBN13: 9780634082047
Distributor Number: HL50560040
UPC: 884088167394

Etudes, Livre I Et Livre II : For Piano / edited by Claude Helffer.

Price: $98.00

1 score; 33 cm.
Edition Number: DF 15296
ISBN: 0634082078
ISBN13: 9780634082078
Distributor Number: HL50560414
UPC: 073999604146

Fantaisie : Pour Piano Et Orchestre (2e Version) / edited by Jean-Pierre Marty.

Price: $116.00

Debussy originally composed this work in 1889-90 for pianist Rene Chansarel. But performances and publication were delayed, and Debussy revised the music sometime in the 1910s. With an introduction and critical notes in French and English, and facsimile plates.

1 score (xix, 223 p.); 35 cm.
Edition Number: DB 15575
ISBN13: 9790044080618
ISMN: M044080618
Distributor Number: HL50564847
UPC: 884088201623