Theodore Front Musical Literature

Piano Quintet.

Price: $34.40

With historical notes and performance instructions in Russian. Both works have never been published before. According to the introduction notes, the piano quintet is the only quintet by the composer, its text being reconstructed from multiple manuscripts -- the string quartet is supposedly the 1st of the 2 string quartets (the manuscript of the 2nd one has been lost), published here in its 2nd version of 1946. The accompanying CD-ROM contains PDF files of the individual parts.

1 score (xxxiv, 111 p.) + cd-rom; 30 cm.
Language: Russian
Edition Number: NSF 0011
ISBN13: 9790937320265
ISMN: M937320265
Distributor Number: NSF0011
UPC: 9790937320265

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Choral Music.

Price: $31.65

Contents: Pushkin's Garland -- Concerto For Choir -- Cantata The Night Clouds -- Ladoga -- Poem For Choir. Historical notes and performance instructions in Russian.

1 score (xxiv, 142 p.); 30 cm.
Language: Russian
Edition Number: NSP 006
ISBN13: 9790937320203
ISMN: M937320203
Distributor Number: NSP006
UPC: 9790937320203

From Shakespeare; Sailor's Song; Songs On Words by Robert Burns / Ed. Pavel Lukyanchenko.

Price: $38.50

This volume features cycles for voice and piano based on English and Scottish texts. The songs date from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. With an introduction in Russian and English. Critical notes in Russian. Most of the songs have singing texts in cyrillic, transliterated Russian, and English.

1 score (lxviii, 128 p.); 30 cm.
Language: Multiple Languages
Edition Number: HC 0010
ISBN13: 9790706397009
ISMN: M706397009
Distributor Number: HC0010
UPC: 9790706397009

Kurskie Pesni : Cantata For Mixed Choir, Alto Solo and Orchestra.

Price: $39.90

Three sets of songs for choir and orchestra. With historical and critical notes.

1 score (xiv, 161 p.); 30 cm.
Language: Russian
Edition Number: NSF 0004
ISBN13: 9790937320036
ISMN: M937320036
Distributor Number: NSF0004
UPC: 9790937320036