Theodore Front Musical Literature

Johannes Brahms : Ein Deutsches Requiem / edited by Norbert Bolín.

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The papers from the 2003 conference are augmented with special CD-ROM features.

Edition Number: BVK 1917
ISBN: 376181917X
ISBN13: 9783761819173
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UPC: 9783761819173

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Bach-Kommentar, Band 1 : Die Geistlichen Kantaten Des 1.-27. Trinitatissonntages.

Price: $58.80

German-language commentary on the cantatas composed by Bach for 27 different weeks. Bach composed more than one cantata for many of these weeks. With an introduction and indices.

726 p.; 28 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 1741
ISBN: 376181741X
ISBN13: 9783761817414
Distributor Number: BVK1741
UPC: 9783761817414

Bachs Johannes Passion : Poetische, Musikalische, Theologische Konzepte / Ed. Michael Gassmann.

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Five articles discuss various aspects of Bach's St. John Passion. Includes articles by Joachim Kremer, Michael Gassmann, Martin Petzoldt, Martin Geck, and Meinrad Walter. With a preface and index. Music examples.

133 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 2285
ISBN: 3761822855
ISBN13: 9783761822852
Distributor Number: BVK2285
UPC: 9783761822852

Bachs Messe H-Moll : Entstehung, Deutung, Rezeption / edited by Michael Gassmann.

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Six articles explore aspects of Bach's great B-minor mass, from inception to its reception into the 20th century. With a foreword. Music examples. Facsimile plates.

133 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 2331
ISBN: 3761823312
ISBN13: 9783761823316
Distributor Number: BVK2331
UPC: 9783761823316

Eine Gott und Die Vielfalt der Klänge : Sakrale Musik der Drei Monotheistischen Religionen.

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Edited by Michael Gassmann. This volume contains eight papers from the symposium held in Stuttgart, 2012. With a foreword and index. A few music examples.

227 p.; 23 cm.
Language: German
ISBN: 3761823304
ISBN13: 9783761823309
UPC: 9783761823309