Theodore Front Musical Literature

Bartok and The Grotesque : Studies In Modernity, The Body and Contradiction In Music.

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The author studies works by Bartok which focus on the grotesque, such as Bluebeard's Castle, The Wooden Prince, The Miraculous Mandarin and Cantata Profana. With an introduction, bibliography, index, figures, music examples and one table.

ix, 182 p.; 25 cm.
ISBN: 0754657779
ISBN13: 9780754657774
UPC: 9780754657774

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Ars Musica Attributed To Magister Lambertus/Aristoteles / edited by Christian Meyer.

Price: $112.00

Translated by Karen Desmond. A new edition of a music theory treatise which dates to the end of the 13th century. While the author of the manuscript is debated, its popularity is clear from the large number of copies which survive. With an introduction and indices.

xxxviii, 127 p.; 24 cm.
Language: English
ISBN: 147243983X
ISBN13: 9781472439833
UPC: 9781472439833

Brahms Beyond Mastery : His Sarabande and Gavotte, and Its Recompositions.

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This book studies two early piano pieces by Brahms. These neo-baroque works were performed often in the mid-1850s, but Brahms later suppressed them, and re-used the musical material in the Second String Sextet, First String Quintet, and Clarinet Quintet. The author explores the history of this music.With a preface, bibliography and index. Four plates. One figure. Eight music examples.

xv, 95 p.; 25 cm.
Language: English
ISBN: 1409465578
ISBN13: 9781409465577
UPC: 9781409465577

Genesis and Development of An English Organ Sonata.

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Quinn studies the history of the organ sonata in late 19th century England, from the works of the 1850s of W. T. Best and William Spark to Elgar's seminal Sonata of 1895. With a bibliography and index. Two figures. Two tables. Many music examples.

xii, 124 p.; 25 cm.
Language: English
ISBN: 1138203823
ISBN13: 9781138203822
UPC: 9781138203822