Theodore Front Musical Literature

Grazyna Bacewicz : Chamber and Orchestral Music.

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128 p.; 23 cm.
ISBN: 0916545032
ISBN13: 9780916545031

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After Chopin : Essays In Polish Music.

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This volume contains several essays under the heading, 100 Years of Defining Chopin, as well as articles on Szymanowski, Lutoslawski, and national identity. With an introduction by Maja Trochimczyk, index, musical examples and illustrations.

333 p.; 23 cm.
ISBN: 0916545059
ISBN13: 9780916545055

Jozef Koffler : Compositional Style and Source Documents.

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This is the first English-language book on the music of the Polish-Jewish composer who perished in the Holocaust. Koffler was Poland's first serial composer, but he worked in other styles as well. Foreword by Antony Polonsky, introduction, bibliography, index, music examples, plates, CD of music.

1 book (xxv, 318 p.) + 1 compact disc; 24 cm.
ISBN: 0916545075
ISBN13: 9780916545079

Maria Szymanowska : Pianist and Composer.

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The author examines the life and piano music of the female Polish composer, and discusses her relationship to Chopin. Maja Trochimczyk adds a section on Szymanowska's vocal music. With an introduction, bibliography, list of works, index, music examples and facsimile plates.

1 book (xi, 174 p.) + 1 compact disc; 23 cm.
ISBN: 1932800182
ISBN13: 9781932800180