Theodore Front Musical Literature

Repertorio Degli Effetti Sonori / edited by Adolfo Conrado.

Price: $21.60

This Italian-language book is an encyclopedia of acoustic, sonic and electronic effects from accelerando to feedback to tremolo and much more. With a foreword by R. Murray Schafer, introduction, bibliography, and many charts, tables and illustrations.

xxix, 192 p.; 21 cm.
Language: Italian
ISBN: 8870963632
ISBN13: 9788870963632

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Andrej Tarkovskij E la Musica / edited by Roberto Calabretto.

Price: $36.00

Tarkovskij (1932-1986) was one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century. The essays in this book examine the use of music in his films, and the relationship of his films to music. With an introduction and index. Music examples. Plates.

viii, 309 p.; 21 cm.
Language: Italian
ISBN: 8870966232
ISBN13: 9788870966237
UPC: 9788870966237

Aura Ritrovata : Il Teatro Di Sylvano Bussotti Da la Passion Selon Sade A Lorenzaccio.

Price: $38.40

This book studies the music of avant garde Italian composer Bussotti from 1966 through 1972. With an introduction by Michele Girardi, note from Bussotti, appendices, bibliography, and indices. The CD contains excerpts from Lorenzaccio.

1 book (xviii, 262 p.) + 1 compact disc; 21 cm.
Language: Italian
ISBN: 8870967697
ISBN13: 9788870967692
UPC: 9788870967692

Bruno Maderna : Studi E Testimonianze / edited by Rossana Dalmonte and Marco Russo.

Price: $30.00

Papers from the 2000 conference, Bruno Maderna e le Origini della Neue Musik. All seventeen articles are in Italian. With a preface, bibliography, indices and music examples.

492 p.; 21 cm.
Language: Italian
ISBN: 8870963756
ISBN13: 9788870963755

Canzonetta Dal 1570 Al 1615.

Price: $22.80

Four essays on the vocal music that appeared under various names such as canzoni, canzonette, villanelle, fiammelle & fioretti musicali, toscanelle, napolitane - texts and music. Music examples. Index. The book received the Premio Internazionale Latina di studi musicali.

268 p.; 21 cm.
ISBN: 887096177X
ISBN13: 9788870961775