Theodore Front Musical Literature

Johannes Brahms : Ein Deutsches Requiem / edited by Norbert Bolin.

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Seven articles in German on the great work by Brahms, taken from papers read at the 2003 Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart. Contributors include Bolin, Constantin Floros, Lotte Thaler, Heidrun Kämper, Peter Kreyssig and Thomas Daniel. With a foreword, music examples and b&w plates.

238 p.; 22 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 1740
ISBN: 3761817401
ISBN13: 9783761817407
Distributor Number: BVK1740
UPC: 9783761817407

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Bach-Kommentar, Band 1 : Die Geistlichen Kantaten Des 1.-27. Trinitatissonntages.

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German-language commentary on the cantatas composed by Bach for 27 different weeks. Bach composed more than one cantata for many of these weeks. With an introduction and indices.

726 p.; 28 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 1741
ISBN: 376181741X
ISBN13: 9783761817414
Distributor Number: BVK1741
UPC: 9783761817414

Bachs Johannes Passion : Poetische, Musikalische, Theologische Konzepte / Ed. Michael Gassmann.

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Five articles discuss various aspects of Bach's St. John Passion. Includes articles by Joachim Kremer, Michael Gassmann, Martin Petzoldt, Martin Geck, and Meinrad Walter. With a preface and index. Music examples.

133 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 2285
ISBN: 3761822855
ISBN13: 9783761822852
Distributor Number: BVK2285
UPC: 9783761822852

Bachs Messe H-Moll : Entstehung, Deutung, Rezeption / edited by Michael Gassmann.

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Six articles explore aspects of Bach's great B-minor mass, from inception to its reception into the 20th century. With a foreword. Music examples. Facsimile plates.

133 p.; 24 cm.
Language: German
Edition Number: BVK 2331
ISBN: 3761823312
ISBN13: 9783761823316
Distributor Number: BVK2331
UPC: 9783761823316

Eine Gott und Die Vielfalt der Klänge : Sakrale Musik der Drei Monotheistischen Religionen.

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Edited by Michael Gassmann. This volume contains eight papers from the symposium held in Stuttgart, 2012. With a foreword and index. A few music examples.

227 p.; 23 cm.
Language: German
ISBN: 3761823304
ISBN13: 9783761823309
UPC: 9783761823309