Theodore Front Musical Literature

20th Century Art Songs : For Medium Voice.

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Contents: Barber: Under the Willow Tree (Vanessa) – L. Bernstein: It Must Be Me (Candide) – Bliss: The Buckle – Bowles: Cabin – Creston: Psalm 23 – Dougherty: Across the Western Ocean -- The K'e -- A Minor Bird -- Thy Fingers Make Early Flowers – Duke: I Watched the Lady Caroline -- Silver – Gibbs: To One Who Passed Whistling Through the Night – Gold: Music, When Soft Voices Die -- Parting – Griffes: Symphony in Yellow – Guion: At the Cry of the First Bird – Kingsley: The Green Dog – Menotti: The Black Swan (The Medium) -- The Hero – Robertson: All in the April Evening – Sacco: Brother Will, Brother John – Schirmer: Honey Shun – W. Schuman: Orpheus with His Lute – Shaw: Song of the Palanquin Bearers – V. Thomson: My Crow Pluto – Weaver: Moon-Marketing – Weill: The Lonesome Dove (Down in the Valley).

1 score (116 p.); 31 cm.
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